Airway Management Enterprises, LLC is dedicated to developing a Rapid Positioning intubation Stylet (RPiS) which is used to facilitate the intubation of the trachea when inducing general anesthesia or during emergency medical procedures to protect the airway. The RPiS has a unique shape and function which enables the practitioner to maximize his or her success of intubating the difficult airway when combining the RPiS with VIDEO LARYNGOSCOPY. The abiity to flex and retroflex the distal tip can improve the success of the solo practitioner when intubating a difficult airway. The element of control provides greater precision of the stylet when placing the endotracheal tube into the trachea. The RPiS is a gamechanger in that the solo practitioner who encounters a difficult airway may be able to facilitate the intubation alone where they may have required the assistance of another skilled anesthesiologist in the past. 

A Breakthrough in Managing Difficult Intubations the Rapid Positioning intubation Stylet

A single use dynamic intubating stylet with a controllable tip which can flex and retro-flex.


Sterilized with gamma radiation for single use only.


Accomodates endotracheal tubes with internal diameters of 6.0 to 9.0 mm


Smaller and flexible reinforced endotracheal tubes(ET) provide the best maneuverability when intubating the complicated difficult airway. Standard endotracheal tubes can be used and if you are considering a 7.0mm ET use a 6.5mm or for a 8.0mm consider an 7.0-7.5 mm ET.


The RPiS should be liberally lubricated prior to use.