Airway Management Enterprises, LLC

Airway Management Enterprises (AME), LLC is located in Wellesley, MA and was created in 2012 by Richard P. Shockley,M.D. , an Anesthesiologist with over 20 years of experience who is employed by Anaesthesia Associates of Massachusetts. He has developed a precise, hand controlled intubating stylet for airway management which will complement any video-laryngoscope in the operating room, the emergency room or in the field with first responders who are trained with the use of video intubating equipment . It will become an essential tool for inclusion in any airway management cart. The device is available for sale through this website as of September, 2013. 


AME is dedicated exclusively to the development of equipment used in the management of the difficult airways in adults and eventually pediatric patients. It was recognized by the founder that the inadequacies of new video intubating devices could be improved by the creation of a device which could navigate through the airway in combination with video laryngoscopy which allows the provider to intubate the airway with a controllable stylet. A common maneuver used for difficult intubations includes the combination of a video laryngoscope with a fiberoptic bronchoscope which enables the provider to access a complicated airway which is inaccessible with a standard rigid stylet. Unfortunately this method requires two skilled providers. The RPiS allows one provider to perform the same procedure alone. Some assistance may be necessary when advancing the endotracheal tube however the intubating procedure can be performed by one provider. The RPiS will be an essential tool in the operating room, the emergency room, the intensive care unit and in the field.  Improving the speed of intubation in the emergency room and field is essential to avoid the risk of aspiration which is greater when rescue devices such as supraglottic airways are utilized after failed intubation attempts.